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In 2011, Mr. Wayne Byrd, an Americano, a resident of Costa Rica, visited one of my projects to talk to me about Eco-Bloques and how efficient they were.  Most importantly, Eco-Bloques are both energy efficient and eco-friendly, saving energy with air conditioning systems, as the walls of Eco-Bloques form a very efficient thermal mass.  He went beyond, and taught me the whole procedure, formulas, land selection, and most importantly the curing process or set of Eco-Bloques.  That's how it was, once I learned the procedure of manufacturing and knowing the attributes and properties of Eco-Bloques I decided to buy the whole company!

Project Objectives;

To build sustainable development in a concrete way with Eco-Bloques (CEB) to improve housing and its environment, making it more pleasant and dignified for its inhabitants while reducing their pressure on the environment in terms of energy and water use and from significant future maintenance savings.
Eco-Bloques are manufactured on site and maximize the use of local materials, reducing costs, and even using unskilled labor.
Eco-Bloques are much more than just enery efficient and eco-friendly!  The appearance of houses made with Eco-Bloques, both exterior and interior, give a most pleasant, inviting appearance with a variety of surface textures and colors for every taste.  The designs are only limited by the imagination! Please visit our Photo Gallery page.