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Cost Comparison

Eco-Bloques versus Concrete Blocks 11-09 The following information we have calculated using the actual cost of building with concrete blocks versus our Eco-Bloque product:  This is a cost comparison between standard oncrete building blocks and our Eco-Bloques Compressed Earth Blocks for use in Costa Rica.


1 concrete block =  8” x 16” = 128 square inches of wall coverage

1 square foot of wall coverage thus requires 1.125 concrete blocks  

1 square meter  10.76 sq. ft. = 12.1  blocks or 27.42 Eco Bloques

1 cubic meter of concrete costs $130.00 to $160.00 (average of $145.00)

1 cubic meter concrete will fill 60  blocks.  $2.42 per  block

2 men can lay 120 to 200  blocks per 10 hr. day.  Labor costs average approximately $40.00 per man per day (10-hour day).  The labor costs to lay blocks averages $0.40 to $0.67 per block.  (Average  $0.54 per block)

2 men can fill 100 to 200 blocks per day depending on height of wall. Thus, labor costs to fill blocks averages $0.40 to $0.67 per block (based on an assumed matching production rate of 120 to 200 blocks per day).(Average $0.54 per block)

1  block costs $0.95 to $1.15 in Costa Rica (average of $1.05)

The Cost Calculations for  Blocks:

xxxxxx chart below

# of Concrete Blocks  
.20 x .40 x .12 12.10 unidades
Labor to lay each block: $9.50
Cost of concrete & blocks $33.70
Total Cost: USD$42.50 / ¢24,352.50

These calculation prove, using traditional concrete block construction (which includes the costs of the blocks, installation, and filling the block cells with concrete, (but excluding transportation costs), the actual cost of concrete block construction averages approximately $5.09 per square Foot of wall area ($4.55 x 1.125) and  $54.83 per square Meter of wall area. 

This does not include stucco or plaster.

Eco-Bloques Compressed Earth Blocks:

Due to the size of our Compressed Earth Building Blocks (12”L by 4”H by 6”W) it will take 3 of our blocks to complete 1 square foot of wall .
One sq. meter of wall 10.76 sq. ft. will require 32 Eco Bloques.
Our Eco-Bloque wall requires less than ½ the concrete to fill the cells as a standard concrete block requires. It will not require highly skilled labor to install. Our conduit style blocks also have channels for the electrical wiring conduit, plumbing, and horizontal rebar. Eco-Bloques can be cut and drilled with ease.
Since our Eco-Bloques are manufactured “on site” the builder will save on transportation of concrete blocks from plant to site and down time caused by late delivery of concrete blocks.
We have calculated labor cost for the Eco-Block laying at $0.22 per block. Two men can lay 300 to 400 Eco-Bloques per day. (350 average) At $4.00 per hour, the installation labor cost per block is approximately $0.22.
2 men can fill 300 to 400 Eco-Bloques per day (average 350) depending on wall heighth. Eco-Bloques require less than 50% the concrete to fill. The labor cost to fill Eco-Bloques will average $0.22 per Eco-Bloque.

The Cost Calculations for Eco-Bloques:

# de Bloques de Eco-Bloques 26  unidades
.30 x .15 x .11  
Cost of labor to lay Eco-Bloques $9.50
Cost of concrete & Eco-Bloques $32.70
Total Cost of Eco-Bloques USD$42.20   /   ¢24,352.50

These calculations prove that by using Eco-Bloques instead of the standard concrete blocks, the cost per square meter of wall will be reduced by $ 8.57! Add to this the savings in transportation costs and never running out of blocks due to delivery problems and you can see the monetary advantages of using Eco-Bloques.
These calculations show that if we were to charge the builder $1.15 each for our Compressed Earth Building Blocks his overall construction costs per square foot will be equivalent to using the traditional concrete block construction. $1.15 x 3 = $3.45 + $0.22 + $0.22 + $1.21 = $5.07
For the first 5 builders who use our blocks we have priced them well below the “ concrete block equivalence price” of $1.15 per Eco-Bloque. Our initial “introductory” price is $ 0.90 per block.
Other benefits for the builder include not only saving the transportation costs, but having the materials they need at the site when needed. Add to this the ability to call themselves a GREEN BUILDER and it will be difficult for them to say “no” to our Compressed Earth Blocks!

The Savings Proposition to a Builder:

Our “average” house specifications contemplate a 2,500 square foot floor space standard residential home.  This would consist of 8-10 foot ceilings, 4 external base walls, 50 feet long per side, a large living dining and kitchen great room, three 12x12 bedrooms, one master suite 20x20, plus 2 additional baths and a garage.
The walled surface areas calculate approximately as follows:

xxxxxchart below

Exterior Walls / Basic / Square Shell
(50 x 10 x 4):    2,000 ft2
Allowance for two internal walls
(each 50x10):    1,000 ft2
Allowance for detail, window casings, patio/decorative, car port, etc:   500 ft2
(of total wall surface area)  3,500 sq. ft. 

This equates to 10,500 Eco-Bloques or 3,938 traditional concrete blocks
The SAVINGS  on a per-house basis to a builder would be:
Cost for using traditional concrete blocks = $5.07 cost/sq. ft. x 3,500 sq, ft. = $17,745.
Compare to the cost of using Eco-Bloques = $4.35 per square foot x 3500 sq. ft. = $15,225.00 A net savings of $2,520.00 per house on blocks!

Estimated Transportation Savings (minimum of 2.5 truckloads @ $500.00 each, plus surcharges for gas, etc. = $1,250 per house. You will have to supply us with you actual shipping cost estimates to have 100% correct figures.
Total SAVINGS  of over $3,770.00 PER HOUSE!
This does not include further time and labor savings to the builder due to the reduced construction time afforded by use of our blocks!