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Eco-Bloque Wall

bullet leaf  Eco-Bricks for “GREEN” Garden and Perimeter Walls

Eco-Bricks  Compressed Earth Bricks for garden and development perimeter walls.

Use in place of concrete blocks.  Manufactured at your building site.  Save up to 20% on the cost of your walls using our Eco-Brick Wall materials.

No high transportation costs for materials,  We manufacture  these at your site.  We use materials you would normally throw away or have to haul away. Always have building materials when you need them. No waiting days and weeks for materials to be delivered.

Our Eco-Bricks for Walls conform to UBC, IBC, and CFI specifications.

Our Eco-Brick  formulas have been used in 70 different countries for over 20 years.  Thousands of miles of  highway walls have been erected using the Eco-Brick materials and system.

Eco-Bloques Wall

Eco-Bloques Wall

Eco-Bloques Wall