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What are Eco-Bloques

Eco-Bloques are blocks of compressed soil and 10% or less cement, that are aesthetically pleasing as well as cost and energy efficient, fire and pest resistant, virtually soundproof, bullet proof, durable and structurally sound. They provide complete architectural freedom and are made from a non-toxic readily available natural raw material, dirt.

Our Eco-Bloques are produced using a high pressure hydraulic ram type machine. The standard dimensions of the Eco-Bloques type 1 and 2 are 12 long by 6 wide by 4 height and weight is about twenty pounds. The blocks will be produced on-site. No more high transportation costs and late deliveries. You will have the blocks there when you need them. To assure quality a compression strength analysis will be conducted weekly by a testing laboratory on randomly selected blocks. In addition, off-site block production and delivery is possible, not only increasing the accessibility of suitable soil, but also enabling construction to proceed during all seasons.


The cost of building with Eco- Blocks is competitive with other construction methods and materials. Building costs vary depending on the site location, soil composition, and architectural design. In addition to the cost-effectiveness of this building technique, significant savings are realized after construction completion due to capitalizing on the advantages of thermal mass primarily affects heat retention. It enhances the structure's heating capacity in the winter and cooling capacity in the summer. Earthen construction reduces dependence on costly and nonrenewable resources. Maximizing the effectiveness of the Eco-Bloques' thermal mass may be achieved through solar orientation, architectural design and optional exterior wall insulation.


Eco-Bloques buildings are structurally sound. Our Eco-Bloques always exceed 1000 PSI. The strength, durability and longevity of Eco-Bloques stand in stark contrast to other building materials. A typical wood frame building has an average life span of 75 years while earthen structures will stand for centuries.


Suitable for a complete variety of above ground commercial and residential structures, Eco- Bloques are also ideal for storage units, barns, kennels, decorative walls and garages, as well as dwellings. Eco- Bloques provide practical value plus enormous artistic appeal. While standard finishing techniques may be used, Eco-Bloques provide the opportunity for additional architectural and creative freedom. Pleasing features such as arches, rounded corners, deeply recessed doors and windows, exposed block and earthen plasters add to the overall feeling of softness and warmth.

The technology of the hydraulic press machine has enhanced the fundamentals of earthen construction, durability, simplicity and sustainability. These characteristics have remained constant throughout the ages. For thousands of years people around the world have relied on earthen construction for their shelter with minimal impact on the environment. In fact, approximately half of the world's population currently resides in earthen dwellings. Eco-Bloque construction combines the purity and timelessness of a natural material with the opportunities and innovations of today... a timeless technology.

Technical Information
The USA International Uniform Building Code
for RPI Block Strength Tests

These Statistics are taken from the USA International Uniform Building Code for Unfired Earth Blocks Manufacturing.

Section 3.3 of the USA International Building Code Clearly States:

3.3 Strength of Tested Earth and Caliche Block

Unfired earth block with the addition of 5-10% cement can easily pass the Uniform Building Code standards for compression with an average of 1000 psi.
The Uniform Building Code for single and two story buildings requires block bearing capacity of 300 psi bearing strength.
Blocks manufactured with a hydraulic press have been tested with a bearing capacity immediately after production of 1000 psi.
Such soil block continues to cure, until blocks reach a typical bearing capacity of 1000 psi., far exceeding requirements of the Uniform Building Code and HUD standards.
Cement can be added to the soil block mixture to reach a bearing capacity of 2500-3900 psi.

It is clear to see that the Eco-Bloques Stabilized Earth Blocks far exceed the required minimum strength / weight bearing regulations/ standards that the USA Government sets down as acceptable for building homes/buildings with Stabilized Earth Blocks.

Type 1: This Eco-Bloques type 1 is used in the same way as a concrete block would be used. Vertical rebar and then the cells are poured full of concrete.  The cells for vertical rebar in our Eco-Bloques require 75% less concrete to fill than a standard concrete block!Less material and less time!
Eco-Bloques may be finished in stucco , plaster, left natural or painted.    Dimensions are 12" long, by 6" wide, by 4" in height. 

type 1

This is the type 2 'Conduit" Eco-Bloque.
Type 2:  The Eco-Bloques type 2 is a "conduit style" block which allows plumbing and electrical to be installed inside the walls during construction.
Used for running the water and electrical inside the walls It can also be used to run horizontal rebar for additional strength. When the Eco-Bloque cells are filled with concrete this channel becomes filled with concrete also.  This produces an additional ring beam around the perimeter of the structure.

type 2

Type 3:  Solid eco-Bloque - It is 12 long by 6 wide by 4 height.
Used as cap blocks on walls. barrel ceilings, Arches, etc.

type 3

Ceiling made with type 3 Eco-Bloques!

ceiling type 3